Understanding Eve Dallas’s Lingo

Lingo from Eve Dallas’s Life in 2060

AutoChef: Makes and serves meals, snacks, and beverages with the push of a button

Blocker: Pain medicine; Eve will use this sometimes when she gets an extremely painful headache or injury

Cohab: Live in boyfriend/girlfriend

Credit: A token used in place of coins

Droid: Robot-like animals and humans, created for companionship or domestic help around the house or office

Drying Tube: What one uses to dry off after showering or getting wet, instead of a towel

EDD: Electronic Detection Division

Glide-Carts: Moving food carts on the street

LC: Licensed companion.

‘link: a communication device similar to a phone with video capabilities; also, a pocket ‘link is a handheld mobile unit

NYPSD: New York Police and Security Department, where Eve is a Lieutenant in the Homicide Division

Off Planet: Other inhabitations or planets in space; mostly used by those on Earth as a vacation and resort area with places such as Vegas II

PPC: Personal Portable Computer, like a laptop for entertainment, work, email, etc.

Seal-It: Police use this canned liquid to preserve a crime scene; it is sprayed on the skin and shoes to prevent leaving prints or detritus on the scene and makes wearing gloves unnecessary

Stunner: A gun-like blast that paralyzes the body

Sweepers: The team that combs a crime scene for evidence

Tubes: bottles, especially soda and drinks that come out of vending machines

Urban Wars: Warfare that took place in major cities around the world and did extensive damage to infrastructure and human population; after the wars, efforts were focused on revitalizing and renewing the cities

Vid: Video

VR: Virtual reality; comes in goggles and screens for a variety of purposes, such as relaxation, vacationing, exercise, dancing, and more

Wrist Unit: Watch with communication and data abilities.