coverBig Jack

Berkley Mass Market Paperback | 978-0-425-23490-7
Released 2/23/2010 | $7.99
Previously published in Remember When


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In New York City in 2059, someone is pursuing missing gems from a decades-old heist...someone who's willing to kill for them. Sharp-witted and sexy, NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas is used to traveling in the shadowy corners outside the law. And in a future where crime meets cutting-edge technology, she will attempt to track down the diamonds once and for all—and stop the danger and death that have surrounded them for years. The story begins in Hot Rocks by Nora Roberts.

Naked In Death hardcover book cover

Obsession in Death

Putnam hardcover
On Sale Feb. 10, 2015
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Lieutenant Eve Dallas walks the thin line between love and hate in this fabulous 40th installment in the series.


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